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Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Sep 18, 2015

19 Things That Prove Being Beautiful Can Be Scary

Because you're so pretty, it's scary.

1. When you think your contour is on point until you see yourself in the office's bathroom mirror.

Warner Bros.

2. When you finally take your bra off at the end of a long day.

New World Pictures

3. When you're wearing a beauty mask and your friend tries to take a Snapchat of you.

Paramount Pictures

4. When you spend like 20 minutes trying to get your eyeliner wings even and it's not happening.

Dark Castle Entertainment

5. When your sunblock wears off and your skin is like, "Why?"

New Line Cinema

6. When you look at a picture of your eyebrows from five years ago.

Universal Pictures

7. When you discover dry shampoo just doesn't work the same.

Summit Entertainment

8. When you cut your own bangs at 3 a.m.

Warner Bros.

9. When you step out in daylight and realize your foundation color is entirely wrong.


10. When you try recreating a look from a YouTube tutorial.

Lionsgate Films

11. When someone wants to Facetime but you're not feeling your look.

Universal Pictures

12. When you forgot to pack blotting sheets.

Diablito 666 / Via 20th Century Fox

13. When you see yourself in HD and realize powder makeup is not for you.

Columbia Pictures

14. When you spent like an hour getting ready and then it starts raining.

United Artists

15. When you realize you can't keep putting off a haircut.

DreamWorks Pictures

16. When you wonder whether you put on too much makeup.


(JK. No such thing.)

17. When you're waiting for your nails to dry and don't want to risk touching anything.

Warner Bros. Pictures

18. When you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you fell asleep in your makeup.

Hammer Films

19. When you compare your makeup at the beginning of the night and when you get home.

Warner Bros. Pictures

But it's all worth it. You look so good, it's scary.


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