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18 Times The Upgrade Meme Was Real AF

~Upgrade you.~

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1. When you go from the dollar menu to, well, EVERYTHING on the dollar menu, please:

this is how I wish I could upgrade my wallet 🌝💸

I'll have the 182-piece nuggets, good sir.

2. When you break a meme because you're an ageless wizard:

"Excuse me Sir but the Upgrade machine appears to be broken" #Upgradechallenge

3. When you meme a meme, memely:

4. And then when you memely meme a meme'd meme:


5. When you get your mofongo on:

🇵🇷🇵🇷 The best upgrade 🇵🇷🇵🇷

Or "meme-fongo." lol.

6. When deliciousness happens:

Probably the best #Upgrade known to humankind 👏👏👏

7. When things get real:

8. When you're feeling festive AF:

When Mrs. Claus kicks you out and tells you to "do you":


9. When you've already hit your peak:

10. When you get more dank than you ever thought possible:

12. When you're just facing facts:


13. When you know that pizza isn't the only way to take a tomato to the next level:

14. When you go from a "Baby" to "Sorry (that I'm so hot now)":

15. When some things are already perfect:

16. When you can't improve upon perfection:

17. When you get meta with it:

helpful image for anyone looking to make an upgrade meme

18. And finally, when you look through half the pictures people have used of themselves for this meme:

When people tweet their "upgrade"