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"BoJack Horseman" Creator Makes Awesome Point About Gender In Animated Comedies

Horses, women, and toasters, oh my.

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You're probably familiar with BoJack Horseman, Netflix's animated comedy about a Hollywood horse/actor.

Netflix / Via

The show was created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, who often answers questions about the show and about comedy in general on his Tumblr.

He was recently asked about the show's many sight gags, particularly one involving a crocodile wearing Crocs:

Crocs are funny 100% of the time.
Netflix / Via

Crocs are funny 100% of the time.

And he used the opportunity to offer some AWESOME insight about gender in comedy:

Netflix / Via


He kicked things off by discussing audience expectations:

And recounted a kind of embarrassing habit he had while working on the show:

Netflix / Via

Kind of awkward.

And to change that, he says, people who MAKE comedy have to make a conscious effort to alter their thinking. And their work:

Netflix / Via

Don't we all just to be distracted from our sadness with funny stuff?

Even (especially) when it comes to toasters:

I mean. A toaster.

And Bob-Waksberg is trying his best to do just that:

[praise hands]

[praise hands]

And that's how you talk about gender in comedy.

You can read Bob-Waksberg's full answer on his Tumblr.

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