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18 Unexpected Benefits Of Being A Loner

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a date. With me.

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1. You always have a lunch date.

20th Century Fox

And it's always your favorite date: Yourself.

2. Which means you have a good excuse to catch up on your reading.

Comedy Central

Not everyone appreciates that lunch with a good book is the best kind of lunch.

3. And it means you're less likely to have to share dessert.

Because, if we're being honest, desserts aren't meant for sharing.

4. You're delighted when people want to include you in group activities...

Me?! How flattering!

5. ... But you're even MORE delighted when group activities are canceled at the last minute.



6. You rarely have to share snacks at the movies.

The WB

When you're your own movie date, you get all the Jujubes.

7. People often think you're off doing something mysterious and grand...

(And not, say, having a conversation with your dog WHEREIN your dog has an English accent.)

8. You likely have a few great friends as opposed to a lot of not-so-great ones.


After all, you're very selective about the people you spend time with.

9. You can have epic dance sessions completely uninterrupted.


And the award for best original choreography for "Shake It Off" goes to...

10. When you DO hang out with people, they feel special.


They realize you're making an effort because you really like them. (Or really like happy hour specials. Whichever.)

11. You don't require someone else around to keep you entertained.

The Weinstein Company

You can always find something to keep you busy, like reading or cooking or painting or forty-eight hours of Netflix.

12. You're likely VERY good at exploring cities, especially your own.

Columbia Pictures

Long walks on your own are among your favorite activities.

13. When you see an empty calendar, you become giddy with joy.


To-do list: Museum by yourself, followed by lunch by yourself, followed by a stroll around town by yourself, followed by some well-deserved alone time.

14. You know the beauty of leftovers.

Cooking for one is hard. But making too much and having it taste even better the next day is a nice side effect.

15. And you never have to adjust for picky eaters.


Like extra spicy food? With extra garlic? Go for it. DO YOU.

16. You know that there's a difference between being alone and being lonely.

And so you're more empathetic towards people experiencing either one.

17. And while you know the joy of finding the perfect fellow loner to be alone with...

Focus Features

18. ... You have truly learned to appreciate and value the time you spend with yourself.

Because you're pretty great company, after all.

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