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Going Out On St. Patrick's Day, As Told By "Leprechaun"

Green beer = no fear.

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Going out on St. Patrick's Day can be STRESSFUL.

It starts when someone asks if you want to go to a St. Patrick's party and you're like, "This sounds mildly terrifying."


Did you hear the scary story of the person who went out on St. Patrick's Day and woke up on the subway? In a different city? Wearing someone else's pants?


You friend asks if you want to wear novelty shamrock sunglasses and you're like "HAHAHA. No."


Just because I've had a lot of green beer does not mean I'm prepared to sacrifice my dignity. Yet.


At this point, you really just want to pass out in bed. But then you remember: IT'S A WEEK NIGHT. AND YOU HAVE WORK TOMORROW.

Have a happy (and safe) St. Patrick's Day!


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