People Think The Try Guys Editors Deserve A Raise After Expertly Removing Ned Fulmer From Their Pre-Recorded Videos

    The Try Guys addressed the elephant in the room by replacing Ned Fulmer's body with an animated pink elephant and more.

    In September, YouTube personality Ned Fulmer was removed from the Try Guys and 2nd Try, an independent media company founded by the original four members, including Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, Zach Kornfeld, and Fulmer.

    The 35-year-old's removal from the group came after he admitted to having a "consensual workplace relationship" with an employee after alleged photos of the two kissing went viral and fueled cheating rumors, as both Fulmer and the employee were in long-term relationships. 

    Soon after news of this broke, the remaining Try Guys released a video titled "What happened," in which they explained that Fulmer would be not be featured in videos or on merchandise in the future. "There's several videos that we've deemed as fully unreleasable — you'll never see them, and that's due to his involvement," Zach explained in the clip.

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    Try Guys / Via

    "There are videos that were shot ahead of all this, but we're going to be editing Ned out...and we're working with our editors and finding creative solutions [for] the footage," Keith continued. "We also have some branded videos that we've already committed to. So, when you see a video that's sponsored in a few weeks and you're like, 'Well, that's kind of weird,' yeah. It is kind of weird. It's just how things are, and that's why."

    Well, those videos have officially rolled out. The Try Guys released their newest season of Without a Recipe, a cooking show where they each bake a randomly selected food item without having ever seen a recipe for it, and then present their goods to the judges.

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    Usually, the four guys are separated into two groups of two, and the cameras follow each of their cooking processes. However, viewers were immediately alerted to the fact that this episode would be a little different when their typical title card featured new text reading: "Everything is fine: A totally normal season."

    "Everything is Fine: A Totally Normal Season"

    The most obvious editing is the tongue-in-cheek way the guys addressed the elephant in the room. And that was by digitally editing Fulmer out of the video and replacing him with an animated elephant.

    A pink animated elephant in a Try Guys video

    This continued throughout the entire first episode of the season, all the way through judging.

    4th Place: Elephant

    The editing team was incredibly thorough. They didn't even show viewers Fulmer's finished product, and instead, Photoshopped in a bag of peanuts over his baked good.

    Judge holding a digitized bag of peanuts

    This trend continued through Episode 2 where Fulmer was replaced by a monkey...

    4th Place: Monkey

    ...and Episode 3, where he was a turkey for Thanksgiving.

    3rd Place: Turkey

    Notably, when the Guys needed shots where they were simply unable to edit Fulmer's full body out, they used a strong vignette around the perimeter of the screen. This way, only the previously-fourth-Guy's arms and torso could be seen.

    Screenshot from a Try Guys video

    And this is an aside, but one of these shots very pettily left a clear view of Fulmer's shirt in the frame, which ironically read "I love bad ideas."

    Arrow pointing to Ned Fulmer's shirt stating, "I love bad ideas."

    And finally, because they've been trying to keep their sense of humor throughout all of the drama, the Guys edited in a few last-minute bios that are honestly hilarious. Like Zach's "No longer the fourth best" card, which insinuates that Zach, who is notoriously the worst baker of the bunch and almost always gets last place, has now been bumped up with Fulmer's removal:

    Zack: No Longer the 4th Best

    In the second episode, his card read "Has made multiple SNL appearances" in reference to Saturday Night Live's reenactment skit of their "What happened" video.

    Zack: Has Made Multiple SNL Appearances

    Eugene, the only gay member of the group, had a card celebrating their ratio going from 1/4 to 1/3 queer.

    And Keith's card poked fun at the fact that he was the first to be paired with an animal in an episode, and luckily, he'd be paired with one of the remaining members in the others.

    Keith: Paired with a Human This Time

    Fans can't help but be impressed by the editing team's work. "The editors do such a good job that if you didn't know about Ned, you wouldn't suspect anything," one person commented. "They so flawlessly [removed] him."

    "The editors do such a good job that if you didn't know about ned, you wouldn't suspect anything. They so flawlessly remove him"

    They did so well that many believe Ned's paycheck should be split amongst the small team.

    "Give the editors Ned's paycheck"

    And the extra time to fill without Fulmer's quips allowed for more features of the three remaining members, which fans loved. "Honestly, editing Ned out and having Eugene essentially have his own chaotic sideshow is all I've ever wanted," one person commented.

    Honestly editing ned out and having eugene essentially have his own chaotic side show is all ive ever wanted."

    What do y'all think of the edits? Let me know in the comments.