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24 Reactions To The Try Guys' "What Happened" Video That Range From "If Looks Could Kill" To Eugene's "Revenge" Outfit

"This was something we took very seriously. We refused to sweep things under the rug. That is not who we are and is not what we stand for."

By now, you've likely either recently learned who the Try Guys are or are fully aware of the ongoings after one member, Ned Fulmer, admitted to having “a consensual workplace relationship” and was subsequently booted from the YouTube group. Or you've been a longtime viewer and you're now riding a roller coaster of shock that peaked when photos of Ned allegedly kissing the colleague first went viral.

Either way, it's been a whirlwind that has consumed the internet for the past week, and now that beast is being fed once again with this new drop. Last night, the remaining Try Guys — Eugene Lee Yang, Zach Kornfeld, and Keith Habersberger — released an official video explaining the situation from their perspective.

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Try Guys / Via

In the five-minute statement, which was uploaded less than 24 hours ago and has over 4.6 million views, the crew says they learned of Fulmer's involvement with the employee over Labor Day weekend and worked with HR to conduct an internal review. However, due to ongoing legal matters, they are unable to discuss the issue in great detail.

"Throughout this video, there will be things that we want to say or go into further, but as I'm sure you're aware, there are some legal issues we have to consider as we go through everything," Zach said.

Eugene, Zach, and Keith sitting on a couch as they make their statement

"Thus began a three-week process of engaging with employment lawyers, corporate lawyers, HR, PR, and more," Eugene said. "From the jump, we were acutely aware of just how contrary this was to the values of the company we built and everyone who works here. This was something we took very seriously. We refused to sweep things under the rug. That is not who we are and is not what we stand for."

According to the Try Guys, Fulmer was removed from work activities during a "review of the facts" conducted by HR. He was also removed from releases, edited out of videos, and excluded from merch throws. 

On Sept. 16, Eugene, Zach, and Keith signed written consent forms to approve the removal of Ned as a manager and employee. 

Reactions to the video were everywhere. To start, the unexpected video drop had many pulling up a chair so they might learn the difference between facts and rumors online:


not now honey the try guys just posted an update video

@isabelisfun / SIMS / Via Twitter: @isabelisfun


me pulling up a chair even tho i’ve seen exactly 0 try guys videos

@serismidnights / Via Twitter: @serismidnights


the queen rising from the dead to get the try guys tea

@stanzipotenza / Via Twitter: @stanzipotenza

Then, viewers couldn't get over Eugene's face, which seemed to say it all:


baby Eugene sitting in that new Try Guys video mad as hell omg

@keyon / Via Twitter: @keyon


ned after watching the new try guys video and seeing eugene’s expression

@terradactyI / HBO / Via Twitter: @terradactyI


this whole situation is heartbreaking but eugene expressing his thoughts even though he legally can’t use its words was perfect. poor try guys :(

@lucylayne_ / NBC / Via Twitter: @lucylayne_


new try guys video zack is about to cry keith is serious for once and eugene is fuckin PISSED

@iKissKarlnapity / Try Guys / Via Twitter: @iKissKarlnapity


@keyon Need a Try Guys: Try Letting Eugene Do What He Gotta Do

@ZendayasDriving / Via Twitter: @ZendayasDriving


I think the Try Guys should say fuck it and let Eugene star in the next video and title it, “Try Guys Try Publicly Speaking Without Legal Restraint.” #tryguys #iflookscouldkill

@SydDeCamp / Try Guys / Via Twitter: @SydDeCamp


the try guys lawyers vs literally everyone else talking to eugene #tryguys

@ateenytinyolive / HBO / Via Twitter: @ateenytinyolive


eugene, zach and keith in the new try guys video. 😮‍💨

@adobopoutine_ / Via Twitter: @adobopoutine_


if i watched the try guys video with no context i would have thought ned killed someone

@acechhh / Via Twitter: @acechhh


if a look could say “i cant legally say a thing but just look at my face” #tryguys

@sturniolohart / Via Twitter: @sturniolohart


i’ve NEVER seen eugene this mad and i’ve been watching the try guys for YEARS it actually SCARES ME

@triviahoseokk / Via Twitter: @triviahoseokk


the amount of money i would pay to hear what eugene would've said in that new try guys video without any legal repercussions ..

@bitchvodkas / Try Guys / Via Twitter: @bitchvodkas


@WhatWldJuminDo / Try Guys / Via Twitter: @WhatWldJuminDo

On a serious note, a few people pointed out how well-worded the statement was, and they praised the group for making this choice after the Guys acknowledged that the removal of Ned hurt them after spending nearly a decade making videos together:


if the try guys can kick out a member of their friend group/business who they've been with for 10+ years for cheating, everyone else should be able to too

@archon_haver / Via Twitter: @archon_haver


Not #tryguys putting out a better apology for something they didn't do, than most of the creators that have done one.

@Paigerkismyname / Via Twitter: @Paigerkismyname


imagine telling someone 5 years ago: “yeah, the Herschel Walker senate campaign could really learn a thing or two about crisis comms from the Try Guys”

@grace_panetta / Via Twitter: @grace_panetta


if I still blogged I would write something about how the Try Guys explanation video is a valuable must-watch for HR and crisis management professionals, not just other digital content creators working with close friends

@karenkho / Via Twitter: @karenkho


Last week I had no idea who the "Try Guys" were. This week I am getting irritated at how ppl are saying their statement was "scripted" as a critique when of course a public statement by a brand has to be planned&written are u silly it doesn't mean it isn't truthful

@BeeBabs / Via Twitter: @BeeBabs

Mostly, people hope the Try Guys and crew are OK:


The Try Guys editor having to edit that one guy out of all their shit:

@1stOr3rdPlace / Via Twitter: @1stOr3rdPlace


everyone saying they're eugene in that try guys video, I'm keith

@becc_ys / Via Twitter: @becc_ys


Ned Fulmer damn near had Zach crying in that video and I am pissed on their behalf all over again. #TryGuys

@lostmythicality / Via Twitter: @lostmythicality

What was your reaction to the video? Let me know in the comments.