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    This Artist Spent 7 Months Creating This Middle Finger Mosaic Of Donald Trump And WOW, That Is Patience

    WOW, the patience.

    This is Kevin Champeny, a contemporary mosaic artist based in Long Island, New York.

    Mosaics are patterns or images that are created through the use of small, sometimes irregular pieces. Take, for example, this image of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, which Champeny made out of tiny basketballs.

    These pieces take both time and patience to bring together and, after spending seven months working on a mosaic named "Defy This," Champeny unveiled the piece on TikTok in a video that has been viewed over an astounding 12.5 million times.

    Starting with a sculpted clay middle finger, Champeny crafted a silicone mold and completed 10,000 individual urethane resin castings in color – all of which were carefully placed together to create the face of former president Donald Trump.

    BuzzFeed spoke to Champeny about his inspiration for the piece and he said, "Trump is the epitome of defiance. I wanted to create a piece that could be viewed by two people with diametrically different viewpoints and still be able to appreciate it based on their life experiences and views."

    The mosaic is part of a pair that Champeny originally started during the 2016 election.

    As the saying goes, art is subjective, and while some TikTok users loved the creativity...

    Someone commented "this is what you call art"
    that is beautiful the more middle fingers the better [eight middle finger emojis]

    ...Others? Not so much.

    One user said "dud you got him so good by wasting hours of your time to make this while he slept soundly"
    good lord he STILL lives rent free in your heads. it's honestly sad at this point

    Regardless of which side viewers fall on, Champeny feels a sense of success when his work gets people talking.

    You can watch Kevin's full mosaic video below:

    If you want to stay tuned for his next creation, you can follow Kevin on TikTok and Instagram.