If You've Ever Wondered How Much Money Royals Are Carrying On Their Head, Here's How Much These 9 Tiaras Are Worth

    Imagine walking around with millions on your head.

    Here ye, here ye! King Charles III's coronation is tomorrow, May 6, and though it's costing taxpayers quite a pretty penny (at least £100 million, or $125 million), it may not be as extravagant as coronations in the past. For one, rumor has it that no royal woman will be wearing a tiara.

    closeup of charles

    Speculators believe that seeing royals in expensive tiaras may spur judgment amid the UK's cost of living crisis. So for context, here are nine of the British royal family's most famous tiaras and exactly how much they're worth:

    1. The Lover’s Knot Tiara: about £1,000,000 (or $1,102,150)

    closeup of diana in the tiara

    The Lover’s Knot Tiara is estimated to be worth about £1,000,000. The tiara was originally made in 1914 for Queen Mary with the use of gems from her family's vault. 

    2. The Diamond Bandeau Tiara: about £2,000,000 (or $2,204,300)

    closeup of meghan markle in the tiara during her wedding

    The Diamond Bandeau tiara is estimated to be worth about £2,000,000. The tiara includes 11 diamond sections branching out from a center stone that was originally worn as the queen's brooch in 1893. 

    3. The Halo Tiara: about £1,000,000 (or $1,102,150)

    closeup of kate wearing the tiara

    The Halo Tiara is estimated to be worth about £1,000,000. The piece was originally a gift from King George VI to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and was eventually passed down to Queen Elizabeth II on her 18th birthday. 

    4. The Spencer Family Tiara: about £400,000 (or $440,860)

    closeup of princess diana in the tiara

    Though tradition wrote that women marrying into the royal family should wear from the family's vault, Princess Diana broke this on her wedding day by donning one of her own family's heirlooms. The Spencer family tiara is now estimated to be worth about £400,000.

    5. The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara: about £10,000,000 (or $11,021,500)

    closeup of princess eugenie wearing the tiara

    Unlike others listed, this tiara was originally made for someone outside of the royal family – socialite Dame Margaret Greville. She would later gift the prize to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and Princess Eugenie would wear it on her wedding day. 

    Now, the tiara is estimated to be one of the most expensive in the world with a value of about £10,000,000

    6. The Lotus Flower Tiara: about £4,000,000 (or $4,408,600)

    kate middleton wearing the tiara

    The Lotus Flower tiara is worth an estimated £4,000,000. The jewels embedded originally belonged to a necklace gifted by King George VI to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother on their wedding day. 

    7. The Meander Tiara: about £2,000,000–£4,000,000 (or $2,204,300–$4,408,600)

    closeup of zara wearing the tiara

    Before Zara Phillips wore the Meander tiara on her wedding day, it was a go-to look for Princess Anne, who inherited the tiara from her father, the Duke of Edinburgh. Now it's estimated to be worth between £2,000,000 and £4,000,000.

    8. The Belgian Sapphire Tiara: about £6,200,000 (or $6,833,330)

    a young queen elizabeth wearing the tiara

    The gems belonging to this tiara were originally owned by Princess Louise of Belgium before she was forced to sell her jewelry. Since then, the tiara has been owned by Queen Elizabeth II and most recently worn by Queen Camilla. It's estimated to be worth £6,200,000.

    9. The Poltimore Tiara: over £926,000 (or $1,020,590)

    hands holding up the tiara

    Famously, Princess Margaret wore the Poltimore tiara in a photo her husband Antony Armstrong-Jones took of her in the bathtub. The shoulders-up image was quite scandalous at the time. 

    The tiara was later auctioned off following the princess' death, selling for £926,400 to a private buyer in 2002.