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Which Movie Would You Adapt Into A Broadway Musical?

Because we totally need something better than Legally Blonde.

We all remember the beautiful Elle Woods in the 2001 film Legally Blonde, and then again in 2007 when she took on Broadway.

Honestly, it wasn't anyone's favorite musical, but the show on MTV was entertaining.

There's also Rocky (1976), which was adapted in 2012.

You won't only be listening to "Eye of the Tiger."

And let's not forget the heartwarming story of Matilda (1996), who blessed Broadway with her magic in 2010.

If you love the movie you will love the musical ten times more!

But we need more Broadway musicals. Like The Avengers.

Or maybe we should have Pennywise star in his own stage production terrorizing children.

Why not create "The Hunger Games: The Musical?"

What movie would you want to see as a Broadway musical? Add yours below!