This Is Why Jessie J Is The Music Goddess You Should Admire

She’ll make you feel sexy and free. And like glitter is raining on you.

1. This is Jessie J.

Jessica Ellen Cornish is a 26-year-old British pop star who released her debut single “Do It Like A Dude” back in 2010.

2. If you somehow don’t know who she is, well, you should.

3. For some bizarre reason, Twitter users were confused during her performance at MTV’s 2014 VMAs.

Who is this girl singing? She's good not Ariana

— Brandi Maxiell (@BrandiMaxiell)

Um, let’s break it down.

4. Let’s begin with proof that she’s massive in the U.K. where she’s held Top 5 positions for weeks at a time.

Lava /


5. She gave us the anti-materialistic anthem “Price Tag.”

6. And the dance sensation, “Domino,” which you groove to every time it’s on.

Universal Republic / Via

7. But she has also co-written popular songs like Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA.”

Hollywood Records / Via

Which you still nod your head and move your hips to.

8. She has crazy-cool videos that have amazing cinematography.

Lava / Via

And costumes, hair, and makeup.

9. Her lip art will inspire you to get creative with your makeup.

10. Her hair is always on point. Short, long, wig, bald, it doesn’t matter, she rocks it!


11. And her vibrant fashion style will make you ditch black and incorporate more color into your beautiful wardrobe.

Ian Gavan / Thinkstock

Buda Mendes / Thinkstock

Ian Gavan / Thinkstock


12. She was an amazing judge on The Voice U.K.

Oh, and just look at her beautiful, white smile and her FLAWLESS bangs.

13. She performed at the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony.

Julian Finney / Via Getty

And everyone knows that if you perform at the Olympics you’re a pretty big deal.

14. Her lyrics have the power to inspire you and instantly make you feel better.

15. But the best thing about her is her astonishing voice that will shake your soul.

16. She can belt notes like no other diva in the music industry. You’ll literally get goosebumps when you hear her.

17. And her vocal runs and riffs are extremely impressive. You’ll feel things you have never felt before.

18. And now she’s part of “Bang Bang,” which is our generation’s “Lady Marmalade” and also features Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

19. So as you can see, she’s totes amaze!

Universal Republic / Via

20. And she deserves a piece of you heart. Or better yet, all of it!

Lava / Via

So now that you know how talented she is, you should probably go and download all her music ASAP.

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