The 27 Most Important Things At The MTV Video Music Awards

In case you missed it.


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2. Katy Perry and Riff Raff paid homage to the most iconic VMAs outfit ever and showed up in matching denim.

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Love you forever, Britney and Justin!

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3. Nicki Minaj performed “Anaconda” and changed the way the world views average people’s butts forever.



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4. …and Rita Ora reacted like this.

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5. Later on Nicki had a wardrobe malfunction during “Bang Bang” but still slayed.

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6. Taylor Swift wore a onesie…

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…which drew this comparison:

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7. Gwen Stefani looked fantastic *and* did this adorable finger clap.

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8. Lorde’s sister was the MOST excited about Lorde’s win.

Second only to Taylor Swift.

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9. Miley Cyrus brought a homeless friend as her date to the VMAs…

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10. …and then let him accept her award for Video of the Year while she looked on, crying.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

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11. While Katy Perry and Sam Smith were confused about the whole thing.

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12. Amber Rose showed up like this:

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Rose McGowan much?

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13. New couple Ariana Grande and Big Sean held hands backstage.

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14. Jim Carrey made a joke about Ebola…

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…and then fell down on the stage.

Karma, much?

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15. The Orange Is the New Black ladies were flawless.

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16. Iggy and Rita wore matching outfits for their performance of “Black Widow.”

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17. Bey and Jay kissed, ending those divorce rumors.

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18. And this happened.

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19. Usher bumped against Nicki Minaj’s butt.

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20. Jennifer Lopez was OVER IT pretty much the entire night.


All night. Not here for it.

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She still looked AMAZING though.

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21. Kim Kardashian really ~felt the music~.

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22. And then Kendall and Kylie ~seriously~ did.

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23. Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus were really excited to see each other.

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24. And then Miley waited a year to react to Taylor Swift’s performance.

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25. Lorde swore.

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26. The hug and high five cam captured stars being totally candid.

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27. And Rita Ora threatened to kill us if we turned off the TV during the commercial break.

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