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So This Is How The British Fart At The French, Apparently

We will fart in your general direction. H/t The New York Daily News.

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The British stuntman Colin Furze created a giant butt to fart at France across the English Channel this weekend.

Colinfurze / Via

Furze had previously showed the world he could become Wolverine and Pyro from the X-Men movies.

This time he set up a butt in Dover, South England, and let "The Big Ass Pulse Jet" rip.

Colinfurze / Via

Of course, they were polite and saluted prior to letting go of the fart.

Colinfurze / Via

Then the song "Fart At The French" by the Raven Tapes played in the background.

Colinfurze / Via

And spectators cheered as a flaming fart erupted out of the butt's jet.

Colinfurze / Via

Watch the full video here.

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Colinfurze / Via

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