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    28 Struggles That Are Too Damn Real For Anyone With Oily Skin And Hair

    It's both a blessing and a curse.

    1. You can't go longer than 48 hours without washing your hair or your scalp will look like a greasy pan...

    2. But you also can't wash your hair every day without damaging it.

    3. You've had to reschedule wash days for special events so you can look presentable.

    4. You've thought about attempting the sleek-back look, but always back out since you know you're not walking on a red carpet that day.

    5. You also have to plan out how and when you'll style your hair based on when your next wash day is.

    6. You try to wear a hat as often as possible on non-wash days.

    7. Your hair will sometimes decide to spit out the gel scalp/broomstick look for the day.

    8. You can never get those hair commercial results no matter which product you use.

    9. Dry shampoo only makes your hair look like a crusted, lifeless mess.

    10. Hair oils are completely foreign concepts to you.

    11. You have a strict no-touch policy for your hair.

    12. You've tried every well-known product in your quest for clear skin and nothing seems to work.

    13. Some products have actually dried out sections of your face so you have to deal with peeling skin and oily glands at the same time.

    14. You constantly have to put up with unsolicited advice from people with WebMD degrees.

    15. You're familiar with all those charts about target areas for breakouts and what they mean.

    16. You really try to take advantage of the two to three days a month that your skin is at its most clear.

    17. Everyone told you you'd grow out of your acne problems after puberty, but then you discovered that adult acne is a thing.

    18. You've put yourself on strict diets consisting of healthy foods and lots of water, but still broke out.

    19. You've also tried out de-stressing techniques that didn't really work.

    20. You've either considered or have gotten expensive treatments done to get rid of acne scars and dark marks...

    21. And have set aside more money for your at-home skincare routine which includes things like face washes, blotting papers, and face brushes.

    22. Pimples seem to still blow up even when you avoid touching them.

    23. Powders are your frenemies.

    24. You got excited when the "dewy" look became a thing, but quickly realized that your skin only looks that way for about an hour.

    25. Sometimes you don't feel like wearing makeup at all since you know it'll melt off by mid-morning...

    26. Or you've patted on so many layers that it only made your breakouts worse.

    27. Your setting spray is your best friend.

    28. Everyone tells you you'll age slowly thanks to your skin type.

    Here's hoping for some patience and a really nice ~glow up~

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