25 Incredible Animal Tweets That'll Make You Laugh And Probably Cry A Little Too

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    1. This adorable pal's reaction:

    I’m Max’s dog sitter and max was very happy to see me today🤗

    2. And this puppy that's just as excited to see you:

    here i come here i come here i come here i come here i come here i come (kingkingsley_ on IG) https://t.co/HDgoPTbKh7

    3. A mischievous kitten:

    4. A very good boy:

    someone has brought an extremely polite lion to this bar. (Annie Teer FB)

    5. A chicken with BDE:

    We have a chicken at work and it loves attacking me when I let it out

    6. And the cat to match:

    I LIVE WITH A TINY PREDATOR (sorry for my shriek)

    7. A bunny getting some love:

    8. This joyful deer:

    anyway here’s the most carefree deer in the world prancing along the beach at dawn 🦌

    9. This relatable mood:

    10. Some fun at the park:

    Just an old man pushing his dog on a swing

    11. This amazing singing voice:

    I’m approaching my 48th consecutive hour of thinking about this video

    12. This photogenic staff member:

    I’m a school photographer and we got to take a service dog’s picture for the yearbook today 😭😭😭

    13. The cat version of your friend's post-wisdom teeth surgery video:

    cannot stop watching this video of my cat after she had surgery💀

    14. This interaction:

    this morning i slipped and said “hello dog” out loud to a dog being walked but then the guy walking the dog also slipped and said “hello human” in a dog voice

    15. This relatable mood:

    16. A tiny big spoon:

    17. This mother's nonchalant reaction:

    18. A funny interpretation:

    My mom sent me this pic of my dogs tonight and suddenly this is all I can think about

    19. This dog's priorities:

    the newspaper is for shredding not reading (bandanajax IG)

    20. A very relatable reaction for those spooked easily:

    If I’ve watched this once, I’ve watched this 30 times today. Just watch the cat’s reaction.

    21. An adorable ball of fluff:

    22. A cute new pairing:

    My niece just adopted (a rescue) this lil’ baby girl to join her other Bull Rescue and now I’m thinking of how I can work up an excuse to go visit 😍 https://t.co/BBQYn462tq

    23. This logical assertion:

    He’s trying to bite the cars that pass 😂

    24. A dog so good it can give you all the feels through a screen:

    the doggo of infinite affection is just dropping in to your timeline to let you know you are loved

    25. And finally, this wholesome surprise:

    This is not a meme but It's going to make you smile, so I'm going to post it anyway.

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