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    24 Truths That'll Make Any Perpetually Single Person Say "That's Me As Heck"

    Enough with the interrogations, this is MY time.

    1. Going to family gatherings means getting asked about your love life.

    2. And your parents have hinted that they can't wait to have grandchildren.


    "Well, looks like you're going to have to keep waiting."

    3. You constantly have to deal with people's opinions and "advice" regarding your love life.


    "Are you actually trying?"

    *rolls eyes*

    4. Being in a relationship just may not be your top priority.

    Bravo TV

    Honestly, there may be other things in your life that take up all of your time and energy right now.

    5. You get to sleep in any position on your bed and hog the covers.

    Warner Bros.

    6. You've definitely been a third wheel before.

    Let's be real, you've probably gotten used to it by now.

    7. Ordering-in a massive amount of food with the excuse of saving the other half for later is totally normal for you.


    "Yes, can I get the family-size meal?"

    8. You've gone to a movie theater alone and actually enjoyed it.

    9. Valentine's Day is still great because of all the discounted chocolate on sale the next day.

    Columbia Pictures

    10. You treat yourself with holiday gifts.


    And you know exactly what you want.

    11. You're happy knowing you're going home to your dog, cat, or just your Netflix account.

    12. In fact, you are perfectly content knowing you can decorate every space of your home to your liking.

    No other input necessary, thank you very much.

    13. You also know you'll get to come home to everything placed exactly where you left it.

    20th Century Fox

    No surprise dishes here.

    14. And no one is there to judge your habits.

    Warner Bros.

    15. You're used to your friends talking to you about their relationship problems and asking you for advice.

    Bravo TV

    "I'm sorry, but when did I become a relationship expert?"

    16. At least one friend has attempted to set you up with someone.


    17. The fact that you've always been single doesn't mean that you are not open to the idea of dating.

    Disney Channel

    18. You get to plan your weekends according to your liking.


    19. You do get a little lonely sometimes.

    *Google's professional cuddle buddies*


    *closes computer*

    20. You've drunk cried listening to love songs.


    *Screams "Wrecking Ball" lyrics at the karaoke bar at 2 a.m.*

    21. You have at least one friend in a committed relationship that has told you they love hearing about your single life.


    22. There have been times when you get stressed out and think that it would be easier to settle down and have someone to split responsibilities with...


    23. But you want to get to know yourself and grow as a person before considering bringing anyone else into the picture.

    24. In the end, you're perfectly happy with the way things are knowing that only one opinion matters and that's yours.

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