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    Just 22 Tweets About Animals That Are Good, Pure, And Hilarious

    We could all use a good laugh.

    1. This adorable father and son moment:

    2. This perfectly-timed shot:

    3. These hilarious snapshots:

    this is how im tryna b with my boo

    4. This cat that's just like us:

    5. An Uber ride we all wish we'd been on:

    6. This overly dramatic reaction we can all relate to:

    7. This cute otter:

    8. Soccer practice with a sheep:

    Did you ever play catch with a sheep? ☺🐏

    9. ...and this one:

    This is what cat people do when you leave their house..

    10. This morning mood tweet:

    11. This incredibly extra dog owner's note:

    My aunt is having me house sit and watch her dog and omg she's too much lol

    12. A totally fab dog in a raincoat:

    Not to alarm anyone but look at this cute doggo in his rain coat

    13. This dog enjoying a nice day laying out:

    14. This sinister laugh:

    He's planning world domination

    15. This punny It joke:

    16. A sleepy kitten getting ready for bed:

    17. A poorly executed plan:

    18. A couple of cuddle buddies:

    19. A cat enjoying playtime:

    20. This pupper that just wants to help:

    That feeling when you think you are contributing but you really aren't doing anything.

    21. This cat that's just trying its hardest to catch a bird:

    22. And this totally genius photo session:

    So I got my senior photos and they are cool and all but LOOK AT MY CAT! he's such a good boy:')

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