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    18 Tweets That Prove Our Parents Are Good, Pure, Hilarious, And Way Cooler Than We'll Ever Be

    "I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry."

    1. This truly *ICONIC* prom photo:

    I think I'm gonna put my parents prom pic on a shirt lmao

    2. This adorable interaction:

    My dad just met his buddy he's been playing Xbox with for 7 years in person and they couldn't be happier I'm crying 😂❤️

    3. This silver lining:

    4. This hypothetical situation:

    I don’t wanna have to tell my kids that I met their dad on twitter, I need a more dramatic and interesting story, something like he rescued me from a room full of short men shouting at me that 5’10 is tall just before I put all their phones on the top shelf

    5. This parent hack:

    How to get your kids to take medicine

    6. A relatable reaction:

    Me looking at the mf that honked at my Mama

    7. A confusing response:

    I told my mom that mars is going to be the closest it’s been since 2003 on July 31st and she goes “hmm that’s to bad we won’t be in town”

    8. This frustrated mom:

    9. These parents who didn't feel like sharing:

    My husband and I just sat in our car outside of our house and ate a huge piece of carrot cake because we didn’t want to share it with our kids.

    10. This tactic:

    my grandma caught my sister with a boy in her room😭😭😭

    11. The solution this couple found to parental supervision:

    so we found out my dad hid a camera where we usually kiss goodbye

    12. This kid's request:

    my 2yo after watching Brave: MAMA TURN INA BEAR? me, comfortingly: no baby mama won't turn into a bear, it's okay 2yo, distressed: MAMA TURN INA BEAR *PLEASE*? me:.....................oh i see

    13. And the appropriate response from adult children:

    My mom is coming to stay at my house for a week. My house. My rules. Sorry, Mom. Bedtime 7p. Oh you’re on the phone with your husband who is also my dad, 5 more minutes. Myyy how the turn tables.

    14. A proud grandkid showing off her grandpa's hard work:

    Rt if my Grampa should start his own business! Omg look at how sweaty he is my abuelito works harddddd

    15. And this dad's finished decor piece:

    started with just some yarn and thumbtacks and turned it into the outline of the state of Arizona! my dad is pretty dang awesome✊🏽❤️

    16. This mom's reaction to her son's assignment:

    17. And this mom's witty response:

    I was like to my mum ‘you need a sugar daddy’ and she was like ‘your dad already has diabetes’ I am fully dead

    18. And finally, this relatable thought:

    watching my mom grow old is so heartbreaking.... ur supposed to live forever

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