Literally Just 17 Very, Very Funny Tweets About Money

    "Paid my rent so don’t ask me to go out because I’m in the crib getting my money's worth."

    1. This routine:

    Girls don’t actually shop we just walk round touching the clothes saying ‘this is cute’

    2. This sad realization:

    Y’all really didn’t have to go there.

    3. A logical decision:

    paid my rent so don’t ask me to go out because i’m in the crib getting my moneys worth.

    4. This funny pitch:

    $50 & I'll follow yo baby daddy around the mall & yell "OH REALLY?!" every time he buy stuff...

    5. This goal and its current state:

    My goal was to have $10,000 saved by the end of 2018. Im already at $6.23

    6. A concerned citizen:

    Haven’t seen any “Wanna turn $300 into $3000” posts in a minute... Y’all in jail?

    7. This reaction:

    my bank account is telling me nooo but my ovaries , my ovaries are telling me yessss

    8. And this one:

    Me: $27 for two movie tickets? Ticket guy: Uh, we have some pretty cheap matinees Me: Buddy, I don't care how slutty your sea cows are

    9. This list of priorities:

    Love can wait. I’ve got money to make.

    10. A responsible purchase:

    I am a grown ass woman and I can do whatever I want with my money.

    11. And this truth:

    What about December??? December expensive expensive

    12. This missed opportunity:

    You had something P. DIDDY wanted and didn’t ask for at least $1k??? Silly rat.

    13. This lingering question:

    me: i can’t sleep at night psychiatrist: why is that? me:

    14. This comparison:

    Me (a broke ass bitch): dude it’s only $8 you don’t have to pay me back Friends (who have hella money): can you cashapp me the $4.78 i let you borrow lol

    15. This BIG mood:

    when you wanna buy gifts for all your friends because they’re amazing but you only have like $5

    16. This reaction that's honestly tempting:

    I would literally pay money to read my MSN chat history

    17. And finally, this goal:

    i’m gonna make myself the 1st person to sIip and faII in an onIine store.

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