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    16 Tweets That'll Make You Say "Damn, I Miss The '00s"

    Myspace really had us publicly ranking our friends 1-8.

    1. This hilarious comparison:

    This mf asked me what a “muffin top” is, so I drew a muffin to explain and he like “foh with that blues clues ass doodle” so now I’m getting flamed

    2. This mashup:

    Y’all youngins don’t know nothin bout this

    3. Some iconic moments:

    The early 2000s was honestly surrealism. You just had to be there

    4. And this updated comparison by present-day teens:

    These kids dressed as “the 2000s” for their homecoming spirit week. This was my era now people are using it as a throwback 😭😭😭. We really are getting old 😩

    5. A throwback accessory:

    Only 90’s Babies would understand this 🕺🏾

    6. This heartwarming reunion:

    My childhood 😭 Miranda Cosgrove and Josh Peck together!

    7. This screamo jam session:

    me: "im not emo" friend: *starts playing emo song* also me:

    8. A logical request:

    Petition to bring back 2005 emo culture in the 2020's so we can call that decade the rawring 20s

    9. This funny meme-spiration:

    not a cell phone in sight. just ppl living in the moment.

    10. This realization:

    The kids movies that I grew up with during my childhood are some of the weirdest and most bizarre films I've ever seen.

    11. And this one:

    MySpace really made us publicly rank our friends from 1 - 8

    12. A silver lining:

    i don't care if i was ugly and alone! american boy by estelle was on the charts

    13. This reminder of what used to be:

    I miss being 6 and my biggest stress being what color to paint my nails on the Manicuranda game

    14. A straight-up time warp moment:

    You just took me WAYYYY back with this one here

    15. This comment:

    winnie the pooh didn’t rock a crop top our whole childhood just to watch us become unconfident in our bodies it’s time to stunt!

    16. And finally, this 2009 memory to round up the decade:

    My sister talks a lot of smack to me for someone who used to kiss her cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen every night in 2009 lmaoooo I AIN’T FORGET

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