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This Woman Says She Has Evidence There's A GHOST In Dudley Castle


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Now. Something you need to know.

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Over the years there has been a story about a haunting at Dudley Castle. It involves the Grey Lady, a woman called Dorothy Beaumont who died in childbirth and whose deathbed requests were ignored. As a result, so it's said, she stalks the castle grounds.

The picture is really spooky. I was shocked when I looked back and could clearly see the ghostly figure. I was having a day out with my husband, Dean, at the castle, and decided to take some pictures. It wasn't until we looked at them closer when we got home that we saw the ghost. Dean's a believer but I wasn't – until now. Looking back the pictures there is a strange red glow in one of the upper rooms, and when zoomed in there is a woman in grey inside an arch. It is really creepy.

For real: This definitely is either proof that Dudley Castle is haunted or a trick caused by zooming in really heavily on a long-range picture.

Amy Harper/ Caters News Agency

Harper's pretty sure, though. She told Caters: "It is quite clear so it has changed my mind about ghosts – but I’m not phased. Dean is really spooked out though and said that night that he didn’t want to turn the lights off!”