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This Is Why "Gamesmaster" Was The Best Thing On Television In The '90s

Scratch that. Probably the best television programme ever made.

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You see, this is Patrick Moore, who was Britain's greatest astronomer.

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For many, he'll be remembered as the author of over 70 books on astronomy, and presenter of the world's longest-running television series with the same original presenter, the BBC's The Sky at Night.

But a certain section of the population are more likely to remember him like this.


A badly-rendered floating CGI head.

It's kind of weird that he presented this show, given that there's no evidence he actually liked video games. Why did he do it? Well, in this article the director gives us a bit of a clue: "Patrick said, 'Ah, yes. Well, I did something before and they asked me what my fee should be, and I told them, and we drank it.' That was his approach - a bottle of whisky."


Patrick lived in a church at first, then an oil rig, then...

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It's kind of complicated. Basically they used to destroy the set at the end of every series and set it somewhere else. Here are all the intros: you try and make sense of it.

He was ably assisted by this man, Dominik Diamond, a man he only ever met once, on the last day of filming.

Diamond presented every series of the show except for one, which he says he quit because it started being sponsored by McDonalds.

Other people say that's not quite the case but anyway, he was "killed off" and the third series was presented by Dexter Fletcher, who depending on your age you either know as an actor in Press Gang, an actor in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, or the director of Wild Bill.


And here he is having a massive tantrum about it live on air.


Yep, this is pretty much the most uncomfortable four minutes of television footage on YouTube.

In fairness to Dave Perry, there's a fair bit going on behind the scenes here: there was clearly a feud between him and Dominik Diamond. As Diamond puts it:

"We were both dicks, but I was slightly funnier [...] Of course it was bullying. You've got to expect that if you're going to be cocky, but it was definitely bullying."