23 Things That Not All Men Do

Only some men do this stuff. We should note that.

1. Wear asymmetric man thongs.

2. Paint their fingernails so it looks like a girl’s stimulating them.

3. Are irresistible to women.

4. Get angry about women being arrogant.

5. Pretend they’re doing really intense “gun” work when they’re not.

6. Try and fail to be Neil Strauss.

7. Have really intense polygamous relationships.

8. Have dating profiles like this.

10. Get too into My Little Pony.

11. Flip out over stolen sat navs.

12. Get atticted to sex.

13. Take selfies that look like this.

14. Pick really terrible usernames.

15. Live a thug life.

16. Smoke too much.

17. Wear Burberry shellsuits.

18. Only smoke quality weed.

19. Put faith in the lie detector.


22. Drive cars.

23. And take it to the man, obviously.

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Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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