15 Spectacular Pictures Of Abandoned European Buildings

Urban Explorer Critical Mass has taken some incredible photos from his travels across the continent.

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3. "Hook, Line, and Sinker."

Gary Mather / Via uecriticalmass.co.uk

"I had a camera, but it was nothing special. And because everything was digital it was just easy for me to just snap away at anything and everything. It wasn’t until someone took a photograph of my daughter and the quality and clarity of the shot was amazing, it floored me."

4. "Behemoth."

Gary Mather / Via uecriticalmass.co.uk

"Urban Exploration, for me, it is being able to see the unseen. Everything has a history: humans, animals, and even buildings. The only way to discover the history of these abandoned structures is to venture past the no entry sign to see and feel it for yourself."

5. "Land of the Giants."

Gary Mather / Via uecriticalmass.co.uk

"The majority of these buildings are very dangerous to enter and usually have some sort of security to prevent the likes of us gaining access, so it’s up at a ridiculous hour to try and enter under the cover of darkness."

6. "The Show Stopper."

Gary Mather / Via uecriticalmass.co.uk

"One thing I must stress is we never 'break' into any building. That job has usually been done for us by the thieves and vandals, we have just got to find their handy work and take advantage!"

7. "Chateau Lumiere."

Gary Mather / Via uecriticalmass.co.uk

"Not everything goes to plan and some days do end in failure either with not finding any access or just not being stealthy enough to avoid security or the police."

8. "Bedside Comforts."

Gary Mather / Via uecriticalmass.co.uk

He has some tips: "Preparation is key. Google is your friend so always check out the net or Google Maps and get familiar with the location you intend on hitting."

10. "Will Remain Long After We Have Gone."

Gary Mather / Via uecriticalmass.co.uk

"Safety first — these places have been left to rot and decay for years so don’t just assume everything is going to be OK. The floorboards make look fine but in reality the years have made them anything but and one wrong footstep could be your last."

12. "Farewell to the Fairground."

Gary Mather / Via uecriticalmass.co.uk

"And don’t get caught. But if you do be respectful and comply with whatever the owner or security guy is asking, and 99.9% of the time all will be good and you will just be asked to leave."

14. "Overgrown Memories."

Gary Mather / Via uecriticalmass.co.uk

"These places have had no contact with the outside world since the occupants left, except for us photographers and sadly thieves looking to make a quick buck on anything they can get their hands on."