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Man From Bolton Wants To Stay Out Partying, Tells Girlfriend He's Been Kidnapped, Sparks Police Manhunt

Don't be this guy.

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Here's what not to do:

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1. Pretend you've been kidnapped.

2. Get your friend to tell your girlfriend in a series of text messages and phone calls that you won't be released unless a £50 ransom has been paid.

3. Spark a manhunt as a result which, according to the Daily Mail, involves local police making "house to house enquiries, checking CCTV, and analysing mobile phone data" in a bid to find you.

4. Actually finish up with the police ARRESTING your friend, whereupon he admits it was all a big trick so you could stay out longer.

The man's girlfriend was absolutely beside herself with worry and genuinely concerned that he would come to harm. Rightfully, based on what she knew at the time, the matter was reported to police. Considerable resources and time then went into finding this man, who it transpires made the entire thing up so he could stay out and party. This is without doubt one of the most foolish and irresponsible incidents I have been involved in.

Yeah. Don't be that guy.