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Turns Out It Might Not Be Lamb You're Eating In Your Takeaway Curry

In fact, in some cases it's hard to say exactly what it is.

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Of 60 samples tested in London and Birmingham, 24 had been mixed with other meats.


Perhaps even more worryingly, seven of the samples contained no lamb at all, and the meat in five of the samples could not be identified, with the most likely explanation for this being that it had been overcooked or re-cooked.

More than a year on from the horsemeat scandal, our research uncovers shocking evidence of food fraud.The Government, local authorities and the FSA need to make tackling food fraud a priority and take tougher action to crack down on the offenders. This is vital to restoring trust in the industry, which is not only good for consumers but good for businesses too.

In the aftermath of the 2013 horsemeat scandal, Which? is running a campaign to stop food fraud.

It's calling for local authorities need to deliver food law enforcement effectively and efficiently, for the Food Standards Agency needs to ensure there is joined up action at a national and local level that prioritises consumers' interest, and for the Government to implement the recommendations from the Elliott Review on horsemeat.