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    A Dog Called Trigger Accidentally Shot Its Owner During A Duck Hunt

    When nominative determinism goes wrong.

    A dog called Trigger accidentally shot its owner during a duck hunt, according to multiple reports.

    Allie Carter, of Avilla, in Indiana, was hunting in the Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area in the north of the state when she was wounded in the foot after Trigger, an 11-year-old chocolate Labrador stepped on her 12-gauge shotgun, which she'd left lying on the ground, Sky News reported.

    Indiana conservation officer Jonathon Boyd told the broadcaster the gun went off as the safety catch had not been on at the time. "We encourage everyone to take a hunter education course before they venture out in the field," he said.

    And that is really all there is to say — except that there aren't any pictures of Trigger available at the moment, so here are some sad chocolate Labradors on behalf of various media outlets.

    Dog named Trigger shoots its owner during hunting trip

    Trigger the dog shoots owner in the foot

    Dog named Trigger shoots his owner in the foot in freak hunting accident

    Dog named TRIGGER shoots owner in foot after stepping on gun during wildfowl hunt

    Huff Po's is pretty good. That's a remorseful labrador right there:

    Indy's sad/apologetic dog stock pic is pretty good:

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