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    This Woman Was Beaten So Badly By Her Boyfriend She Needed A New Nose And Now She's A Beauty Queen

    Well done, Lacy Lund, well done.

    These are the horrific injuries inflicted on Lacy Lund, 19, of Grimsby, by her then boyfriend, Dean Campbell, 22.

    Caters News
    Caters News

    He beat her up at his home after he had been drinking and became abusive at a friend's party.

    Caters News

    Lund told the Daily Mail that he had been a "perfect gentleman" when they started going out, sending her flowers and champagne. Her mother had been worried about him from the start, but she was "under his spell".

    He broke her nose so severely that the cartilage was hanging off. Doctors told her she would need a whole new nose.

    Caters News

    She had to wait a year for an operation, which she said was "a constant reminder" of the attack.

    Campbell was only handed a community order and a £250 fine.

    Caters News
    Caters News

    After recovering from surgery, Lund found the confidence to start rebuilding her life, and was approached by a model scout during a night out with friends.

    "I couldn’t believe it, it was such a confidence boost," she says now. "After that, I went on to enter the Miss Hull beauty pageant. Now, I want to share my story to help other vulnerable women to speak about domestic violence. Just talk to someone before it’s too late.

    "I want to continue modelling, but I also aspire to help other women one day with my story. I want them to find the confidence I have. I feel very lucky that I’m able to get up on stage and smile."

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