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This Video Is The Closest You'll Get To Time Travelling Through London

And it turns out London in 1924 wasn't so different to London today.

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You HAVE to fullscreen this.

It's the work of Simon Smith, a director and producer.


Simon tells BuzzFeed: "I’d always been amazed when people used this technique for still photos, and knew that it would be fascinating to see it in film, but no-one seemed to have done it before."

Simon searched out a bunch of archive DVDs from a film library, and came across "Wonderful London."


He says: "It's a collection of 20 shorts, each of around 10 minutes, by Parkinson and Miller, two documentary film makers from the 1920s."

Simon separated the films into a set of stills, and loaded them onto his phone.


He then went hunting for the places every weekend. "Once I found the location, I’d then move around with the camera, trying hard to match the angle, and small artefacts like columns or railings that might match," he says.

Simon's last video was extremely well received.


"It wasn’t really that difficult, and I’m sure many people have had the idea, I’m just able to do these things as I live there," he says.

"I love it, especially when you see people, or when you realise the scene has barely changed like outside Dirty Dicks pub by Liverpool Street Station."


You can find out more about Simon's work on his website.