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This Story Of A Boy And His Dog Will Melt Your Heart

Last year film students at the University of Hertfordshire made a film about Owen and Haatchi. Their story is now being turned into a book.

This is Owen Howkins, aged seven.

He suffers from a very rare genetic condition which leaves his muscles permanently tense.

He's in permanent pain, and until recently the condition made him scared of talking to people.

But just lately, his friend Haatchi has helped him regain his confidence.

When Haatchi was younger, he was left abandoned, tied to a train track.

The RSPCA tried to find him a new home, but he wasn't happy until he met Owen.

Owen's father Will and his fiancee Colleen Drummond adopted him.

They could see Haatchi was happy, because his stump waggled.

Haatchi really boosted Owen's confidence.

As he says:

Last year, Owen and Haatchi won first place in the Friends for Life category at Crufts.

Owen and Haatchi have a Facebook site here. A book about their story is being published today.

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