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    This Picture Of An NYPD Officer Trying To Catch A Rogue Raccoon Will Brighten Your Day

    Groot not pictured.

    http://J.C. Rice

    According to the New York Post, the raccoon broke into a beauty shop in the Bronx.

    It apparently took four cops to finally catch it: one fired a tranquilizer dart into it but the fluid didn't leave the dart, one tried to catch it with a pole but it gave him and the other officers the slip. The paper reports: "Cops finally wrestled it into the cage. But the door malfunctioned, and 'Rocky' scampered down an aisle to the front windows, where delighted passers-by gathered to watch the show." It says they finally managed to grab the furry critter and secure the cage door with zip ties. Its ultimate fate is "not clear" – there's a chance it may be euthanised for rabies testing.

    Then again, there's every chance it'll escape again.

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