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    Remember The Anti-Homeless Spikes? This Park Bench Is The Opposite Thing

    Providing shelter for homeless people when it's raining, this initiative couldn't be further from "defensive architecture".

    This bench advertises RainCity Housing, a Canadian charity that provides homeless housing and support services.

    The charity enlisted Spring Advertising to create them.

    It can be flipped open when it's raining.

    And when opened, it reveals the address of RainCity Housing. Bill Briscall from the charity says: "We felt that the benches were a great conversation starter, recognizing that people are still sleeping on benches. The last City of Vancouver count put homeless numbers at 538."

    There's a second design, which lights up at night.

    Briscall says: "We included our contact info on the benches, as every week we get emails and phone calls, even from iPhones, from people looking for housing."

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