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This Man Was Bullied At School For Having Ginger Hair, And Now He's An International Model

Meet Louis Evans, 22, your new redhead crush.

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Here's Louis as a young boy.

He was bullied by other kids in his home town of Lowestoft: they called him "Rusty".

He struggled to find girlfriends as he battled severe acne in his teens.

Then suddenly he hit 20, and this happened. Lukasz Suchorab

BOOM. Lukasz Suchorab

However, despite his acne clearing up and some HIGH cheekbones popping out, Louis still lacked confidence.

His mum kept telling him he could apply to modelling agencies, but he didn't believe her. Lukasz Suchorab

In fact, he only did it because he was bored of his dead-end job as a stationary salesman. Lukasz Suchorab

He tells the Daily Mail: "I always had so much drive and ambition and energy but I never knew what to do with it." Lukasz Suchorab

Since then, he's appeared at London Fashion Week, in British Vogue, and will take part in June's Milan Fashion Week. Lukasz Suchorab

And ironically it's his ginger hair that has made him so popular in Europe, where red headed models are in high demand. Lukasz Suchorab