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This Man Owns Every Replica Wand From The Harry Potter Films

Richard Hutton, 43, now has one of only three complete collections of replica wands in the world.

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The other complete collections are at Warner Brothers studios in London and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, USA.

Jason Chadwick/Ross Parry/SWNS / Via

Both of which are a far cry from Richard's front room in Derbyshire.

All the wands are made from resin and cost between £10 and £300. He had local framer Alwynn Morris create a display for them.

Jason Chadwick/Ross Parry/SWNS / Via

Richard says: "My favourite is the Voldemort wand because it just fits in the hand fantastically. I also like Slughorns as it has a twist, but they are all fantastic to be honest.”