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This Man Needed Facial Surgery After An Assault And Is Now A Model

Richie Robins, 21, has made a stunning comeback.

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He told the BBC: "For the first three months the nerves in my face were so damaged any quick kind of movement felt like I'd got a bag of Lego bricks in my face all jumbling around - it was really painful."

But he suddenly received a text asking him to appear in a fashion show in Mayfair.

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He'd been headhunted by creative agency Court On Camera, one of whose representatives had seen him at the December show.

He said: "At first the attack really upset me but at the same time I was thankful I was still here as it could have been so much worse. I could easily have been paralysed or killed. The catwalk show has given me a massive confidence boost and made me really happy." He still wakes up with nightmares as a result.