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    This Man Keeps Getting Arrested Because He's Addicted To Drinking Petrol

    Brian Taylor of Brotton, North Yorks, has once again breached an Asbo that bans him going near petrol stations.

    Brian Taylor, 45, first discovered his thirst in 2005.

    North News/Cleveland Police

    Brian Taylor pictured in 2005 drinking petrol from pumps at an Asda filling station in South Bank, Middlesborough.

    Over the years his addiction has seen him terrorise staff and customers after cutting fuel pipes, sniffing or drinking petrol and dancing around while high on the fumes.
    When he was first convicted it emerged that Taylor had tried to attend meetings to fix his problem, but smelled so strongly of petrol that he was deemed a fire hazard and told to leave.

    He was served with an Asbo to stop him guzzling gas, but on December 30th he breached it twice.

    Teeside Magistrates' Court heard yesterday how he was arrested after he went to two different petrol stations in the West Dyke Road area of Redcar to satisfy his craving.

    He was found with an open container of petrol.

    North News

    Brian Taylor in 2005 drinking petrol from pumps in Middlesborough.

    His lawyer accepted he had “taken the drips from the petrol pumps”.

    He was given a 16-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months and told to pay £120.

    The chairman of the magistrates said he was disappointed to have him back in court again.

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