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This Man Has Fathered 98 Children In 12 Years

Meet the "most fertile man in Europe".

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This is Ed Houben, a 44-year-old Dutchman.

He was a virgin until the age of 34. Then in 2002 he became a sperm donor.

He was a virgin until the age of 34. Then in 2002 he became a sperm donor.

Now, 12 years later, he's slept with scores of women who seek him out for his famous powers of insemination.


Lesbians and heterosexuals who have problems with fertility, or who lack the necessary organs needed to make a baby, contact him through his website. He then offers to have sex with them.

He prefers to be a full part of the process.

He tells the BBC: “What motivates me is meeting new people who turn out to be great, normal people and there’s some beautiful hope of creating a new life which will be loved and look after."

And he's now fathered 98 children.


He says: “As [the] children grow up they’ll develop their own relationship with me, or not, but they’ll know where they come from. For now it’s mostly the initiative of the parents to visit me twice a year, for example.”

He keeps an up-to-date list of children to reduce the chances of them interbreeding by accident.

In his day job, Houben works as a tour guide.

Take the example of a couple from Belarus I just helped. They drove 1,000 miles to get here each month for three months. They had been trying for 15 years in clinics… paid all their savings… doctors saying 'it will be all right, it will work' and so on - and it did not work [...] They came here three times and now they have a baby. They are beyond these feelings of 'ooh there's a stranger sleeping with my wife'.