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    This Is What "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Would Look Like As A LucasArts Point-And-Click Game

    Spoiler: completely amazing. These are just illustrations, but let's make this happen, game designers.

    1. Season 1: "Welcome to Hellmouth".


    These are the work of Andrew Scaife, a 34-year-old Bristol-based designer.

    He tells BuzzFeed: "There's some really incredible talent out there making pixel art and it was seeing their work which first inspired me. At first I just wanted to see how to do it, so after a few YouTube tutorials I had the basics. My first attempt was making some characters from the third season of American Horror Story. I then wanted to try something more complex that had more atmosphere and lush backgrounds."

    2. Season 2: "Inca Mummy Girl".


    "I'd first thought of using the LucasArts style as a template because those games are amazing, and then because I love the story telling aspect of them. It wasn't enough to just have the picture. I wanted to try and tell the story too. And Buffy has probably had more of an influence on me, as a creator, and a consumer, than anything."

    3. Season 3: "Homecoming".


    "The first one I made was for 'Hush'. I thought that clock tower location would look great with the hovering Gentlemen. It was once I'd finished the main screen art and started filling the inventory that I thought to make it into a series of pictures, one for each season. All I could then think of is how the game would work."

    4. Season 4: "Hush".


    "At first I was going to keep each one quite broad and bring in elements of other episodes from the same season. In the 'Hush' one I'd included a bag of toenail clippings from Buffy's roommate and some cheese slices. But after that, what decided each picture was either a desire to show a location, or a joke that made me laugh. I knew I had to do one with Cordelia's spatula. I knew I had to use certain locations like the library and the Bronze."

    5. Season 5: "Triangle".


    "It was a case of finding an episode that would work best. Willow as an Eskimo was so memorable as a fan, so that had to go in. The yellow crayon really seemed like the kind of thing that would happen in a LucasArts game. There would always be some random item in your inventory that would never have a use, then suddenly towards the end of the game, it would come into play."

    6. Season 6: "Grave".


    "They took different lengths of time to make. I thought the Bronze one would never end, it seemed to take weeks because of the number of characters which always took longer than I anticipated. But then I managed to crack the Magic Box one out over a weekend, though this was the last one a completed so I'd developed a more efficient process by then."

    7. Season 7: "Touched".


    "There's still many other episodes I could make. There's no Angel ones. I'd love to see Glory's hotel room, the Mayors office or Spike's crypt. It would be wonderful if the various corporate entities and rights holders could find a way to make this work as I believe there's still a huge market for this type of game."

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