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    This Incredible App Might Just Make Us All Read Faster

    With the Spritz speed reader, you could read an entire novel in 90 minutes.

    Here's the technology. Doesn't look much, does it?


    It can be integrated onto mobile devices, wearables, apps, and websites. And Frank Waldman, the CEO of Spritz, thinks it'll change the way we take in our information online.

    Here it is running at just above average reading speed - 250 words a minute.


    Ok, but speed reading apps have been around for ages, haven't they? Yes, but there's one crucial difference.

    It uses a method called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. When your eyes fixate on one point, your brain has a much better chance of processing the word.

    Here it is at 400 words per minute.


    Pretty impressive, huh?

    Right then.


    600 words per minute! Holy crap, you can actually read it!

    Waldman has been pitching big companies like Google and Amazon this product - he hasn't even decided if it'll be a paid offering or free.

    But the implications are awesome. You might actually develop...A MIND PALACE.