This Guy Who Can See Out Of Only One Eye Bought A Dog With One Eye That No One Wanted

    "No one wanted him, which was perfect."

    Here's Jordan Trent holding his new friend, Shiner Solo Trent!

    This picture of Trent went hugely viral after his sister posted it to Reddit yesterday.

    Trent, 32, who lives in Georgetown, Texas, lost vision in his left eye after a gardening accident; he had four surgeries but still lost his sight. He says he picked up Shiner at a marketplace after his kids, who are age 6 and 8, saw him.

    He takes the name "Shiner" from Trent's favourite Texas beer, and "Solo" because of course his kids are obsessed with Han Solo.

    Trent told BuzzFeed: "They said: 'He's blind in one eye like you, Daddy. We have to get him!' I wasn't in the marketplace for a dog, but I looked at him and of course he was the cutest dog ever."

    He was the last one to have been picked up from his litter, Trent says. "No one wanted him, which was perfect."

    Trent's wife has also set up an Instagram account for Shiner – you can follow him here!