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    Posted on May 21, 2014

    This German Guy Has Put Massive Holes In His Face

    Joel Miggler has carried out the most hardcore body modifications you'll see today. (HT Daily Telegraph). WARNING: This post contains a graphic image.

    So this is pretty extreme.

    Joel Miggler is a 23-year-old German body art enthusiast who goes by the name Bodymoded Punky on social media.

    He told the Daily Telegraph: "For sure people judge me for my body mods — mostly bad — but I don´t care what they say.”

    He sometimes has to plug the holes: for example when eating soup.

    Via Facebook: punkyburmese

    He works several jobs, including as a trainee piercer/body modifier. He says his girlfriend doesn't mind the 36mm holes, as she's also into body modification. He currently has 25 diferent piercings of different shapes and sizes.

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