This French Artist Has Just Entered A Bear

And he’s planning to live in it for two weeks.

1. Meet Abraham Poincheval, and bear. You can find them both at the Hunting and Wildlife Museum in Paris.

Sophie Lloyd

2. For his performance Dans La Peau de l’Ours (Inside the Skin of the Bear), he will remain in the bear for 13 days.

Sophie Lloyd

3. He’ll eat, drink, sleep and go to the toilet within the sterilised carcass, while two cameras film him.

Sophie Lloyd

4. A press release says this performance: “Signifies a rebirth, a rite of passage, to pass from the world of the dead to that of the living.”

Sophie Lloyd

5. And: “[The] need to become one with such an animal came […] when he repeatedly encountered animal carcasses […] during another one of his performances […] in the heart of the French Alps.”

Sophie Lloyd

6. The performance also seems to involve a woman with a ukelele. Not sure why.

Sophie Lloyd

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