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This Family Set Their Epic Christmas Lights Display To "Let It Go" From "Frozen"

And thus they once again win 2014's houseblinging contest.

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This apparently took the Storms family in Austin, Texas, three weekends to set up, but they had been working on it all year.

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John Storms, the homeowner, told ABC News that he'd stopped counting how many lights were used once he'd got to 25,000.

He said:

My wife and I love Christmas and are big Christmas Vacation fans and big Disney fans. We do it out of our love for the holidays. My youngest daughter picked the 'Let It Go' song for this year.

They've been doing this since 2010. A couple of years ago, they went megaviral with this insane "Gangnam Style" display.

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Although this "Firework" display is pretty great too.

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And if YOU want to know how to do this, just visit the family's site here and learn all about it.