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This Artist's Doodles Make The Real World So Much Better

Marty Cooper is an illustrator currently working on an animated movie. On the strength of the augmented reality you can find on his Instagram and Tumblr it's going to be good.

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Marty writes: "This giant polar bear frightened the citizens of San Francisco, but all he really wanted was a good back rub."

"Found this happy little guy in the cheese isle!"

"The king seagull mounts his noble stead. They flank the western sidewalk and watch for loose breadcrumbs."

"A troop of shopping cart lizards in their natural habitat. You may never have seen these expertly camouflaged creatures, but if your car has been dented by a 'runaway' cart or you 'forgot' the 12 pack on the bottom shelf, you know a few shopping cart lizards must be nearby."

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