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    11 Tremendously Geeky Facts About "Goldeneye" On The N64

    Can you believe it's seventeen years old?

    1. You'll remember this wonderful box art...

    ...although you may not have noticed this at the time.

    2. The programmers at Rare envisaged it as a mixture of on-rails shooters like Virtua Cop and FPS games like Doom.

    It kept some of the same elements from the former, like the aiming mechanism and the incentive not to shoot innocents.

    3. They visited the film's set and designed the level layouts before adding objectives and enemies.

    The decision to put multiple objectives within the levels was prompted by a certain game by the name of Mario 64.

    4. This guy had an important role in the game...

    5. …because he was one of its main designers.

    6. Nintendo almost pulled the plug on the project. They stopped funding for three months because they feared it had too many bugs.

    7. That incredible multi-player mode was an afterthought. It was put together in the last six weeks of development.

    Remember the fun? Knives made it a delightful spinny game of chance…

    Proximity mines spelt absolute carnage...

    And slappers only was ridiculous.

    8. The original multiplayer had various Bonds from before Brosnan, but they were cut. Still, the characters were all brilliantly designed...

    …with one exception.

    Turns out being 3ft tall is quite an advantage in a gun fight.

    9. There's a hidden ZX Spectrum emulator in the game's code.

    It lets you play games by Ultimate Play The Game - which was what Rare used to be called.

    10. The non-player-controlled characters had a primitive artificial intelligence, although they couldn't see through windows.

    They'd do things like respond to gunfire and set off alarms while their buddies attacked you. But of course they wouldn't notice when you shot their hats off.

    And their inability to take cover made this one of the most stressful bits in a video game ever.

    11. It's sold eight million copies and passed into such legend that it's even received the CollegeHumor treatment:

    View this video on YouTube

    That's Goldeneye. A game so addictive it could ensnare tiny children.