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    There's A Plan To Make Lego "Doctor Who" A Thing

    And it will get your inner nerd very excited indeed.

    This is brilliant.

    Andrew Clark

    The idea has been submitted to Cuusoo.


    If it gets 10,000 votes on the site it'll be reviewed by Lego. The plan includes: a Tardis with exterior and interior walls, a console, a street/interior base, K9, a Dalek, two doctors (either Tennant or Capaldi, and Tom Baker, two companions (either Rose or Clara depending on the Doctor that's chosen), and the possibility of a Weeping Angel, a Cyberman, and a sound brick for the Tardis sound.

    It was submitted by Andrew Clark, who's worked as a computer games designer for 13 years.


    He tells BuzzFeed: "I currently work as a Senior Artist at Firaxis Games, the studio behind such hits as Sid Meier's Civilization, and X:COM Enemy Unknown. My background in art helped me present my idea, and to create a design that's aesthetically pleasing."

    At the time of writing it has 3,058 votes.


    Andrew says: "I've recently got into Lego building again. I enjoy the challenge, and creating my own designs. I am originally from Manchester, and I grew up watching Doctor Who, and still watch the new series. Then I found Cuusoo, where you could submit your designs, for a chance to be an official Lego set, so I combined my love of Lego and Doctor Who."

    It's not Andrew's only idea.


    He's planned out a Lego fusion reactor.

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