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There's A Gmail Feature You Didn't Know About And It'll Rock Your World

Have you just made a big mistake? It needn't be.

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So you've sent an email to quite the wrong person.


Or you've forwarded someone's email to someone else in order to bitch about them, and accidentally cc'd in the original sender. Or replied all when you really didn't want to. In short: you've sent something you shouldn't have, and you've realised what you've done about two seconds later.

It's bad.

But it needn't be. Look for the cog in the top right.

Alan White / BuzzFeed

Go to "Settings".

Alan White / BuzzFeed

There's a tab in the top right called "Labs".

Alan White / BuzzFeed

Well now. Isn't THIS quite the thing.

Alan White / BuzzFeed

And what do we see when we scroll down? Oh wow.

Alan White / BuzzFeed

Click "Enable". Yes, it's only a short time frame. But at some point, this may just save your life.