How The Internet Reacted To Possibly The Most Ridiculous Day In British Politics So Far

    No, really. I'm tired. I'm so, so, so tired.

    Sigh. When we left you, British politics was in disarray.

    2015 politics: ed miliband eats a sandwich a bit weirdly 2016 politics: everything is on fire

    Wednesday dawned, and the familiar concerns over Europe began.

    Not to mention more depressing outbursts of racism and hate speech.

    being brown in england post brexit and walking around like

    If only there was a way to make it all go away.

    Excellent suggestion from the Times letters page

    But the day didn't really get going until Michael Gove's wife, Sarah Vine, had turned in her column about Brexit. It revealed some interesting insights about her husband. This wasn't going to be the last time she did this today, but we'll come back to that.

    Michael Gove slept through the referendum result. First response to winning: "Gosh, I suppose I had better get up."

    But first: Labour!

    I don't hold out much hope for this new CSI spin-off.

    Remember how lots of people were resigning from the shadow cabinet? Well this one was especially amusing.

    It is with a heavy heart that I have today resigned as Shadow SoS Education. My dream job but the situation is untenable

    Because she'd only been in the post for two days.

    Not going to lie, I'd happily join the shadow cabinet for two days to get a Wikipedia page that looked like this.

    I’m due to be Shadow Education Secretary between 3 and 4pm on July 23rd, but can’t now make it. Anyone able to swap?

    All in all the perfect time for Prime Minister's Questions.

    #PMQs starts in 20 mins. Corbyn currently drawing faces on balloons in a bid to fill the front bench.

    "For Heaven's sake man go" says red faced PM to Jeremy Corbyn. Labour MPs cheer.

    Think David Cameron's just resigned from the Shadow Cabinet.

    But still, Jezza wasn't moving.

    And then he got asked about his leadership again, and things got really odd.

    when ur on the lash and see ur ex with another man

    “Leave it, Jez, ‘e ain’t worth it. We’ve all ‘ad a drink.” - “Come back here, Miliband, and say that to my face.”

    Will Labour split? Who knows?

    It is time to end the great democratic experiment

    In all the excitement, we'd forgotten about the Tory leadership contest. None of the contenders were particularly inspiring the public.

    Stephen Crabb looks like ALL the baddies from Superman 2 mixed together.

    Really concerned people aren't using the correct pronoun when discussing Liam Fox. It's disgraced former minister Liam Fox

    Although Michael Gove took the opportunity to present a compelling package today. Also, note Sarah Vine on the left there who we were coming back to? Well, wait one second.

    ''Do not concede any ground, be your stubborn best, and do something about your balls''

    Because we have to discuss this new word for England and Wales.

    if you'd told Wales they'd be lumped in with England and called Wangland like this maybe the result would have been very different

    Anyway, yes, Sarah Vine. Word of advice: When your husband is plotting a leadership bid, don't email random members of the public about it.

    How much does Sarah Vine picture herself as Clare Underwood FFS?!

    Sitting here feeling really content imagining Sarah Vine going apeshit about that leaked email. Nobody to blame but herself. *sighs happily*

    In summary:

    To quote Buffy, "I suddenly find myself needing to know the plural of apocalypse."

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