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Here's How The Internet Saw The Most Ridiculous Day In British Politics Since The Last Two

*starts stockpiling beans and learns to purify water*

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The day began with England waking up and immediately remembering how badly the football went.

You have to say fair play to England for their sheer dedication to making the whole of Europe piss themselves this week.

Well, that and everything else.

But at least for now the only issue to deal with was Europe.

We have to stop saying Brexit, because Stan thinks we are saying biscuits.

Along with what appeared to be a depressing increase in racism and xenophobia at home.

Facebook: video.php

Fortunately Nigel Farage popped up in front of the EU to calm the storm.

Pretty sure Kanye West wrote Nigel Farages speech today at the European Parliament.

And things were about to get worse.

Ken Livingstone has just released a statement to the Home Affairs Committee in which he mentions Hitler ELEVEN TIMES

In case you forgot though, Labour was in crisis.

So Corbyn's new shadow education secretary says politics is so divisive she is quitting at next election. She's been in post 24 hours.

And now the issue of leadership was going to come up again.

(The Tory one can be best summarised by this tweet, if anyone can translate it.)

Gave @BorisJohnson proper stick during Campaign but only one way ahead now. Boris will be great PM . The Gover makes it a top team #GoBozza

Before we could get to Labour properly though, Jeremy had to reshuffle his cabinet.

Corbyn picked up on microphone by Sky News in shadow cabinet meeting.

And become a meme. Again.

“The Lannisters send their regards.”

There now follows a deeply strange intermission.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Bizarrely and no-one quite knows why but Keanu Reeves is in Parliament with Nadhim Zahawi.

I can confirm Keanu Reeves is NOT about to join the Shadow Cabinet.

Parliament right now: Labour imploding, Tory MPs canvassing, no one in control, Keanu Reeves is wandering around.

Finally back to Labour: Three-quarters of Labour's MPs told Corbyn to go.

🐼 = Jeremy Corbyn, 🏐 = the Labour leadership

He said he wouldn't.

Jeremy Corbyn responds after 172 Labour MPs back a no confidence vote in him #jexit

Was there any political hope for the next generation?

Who's this? Looks as though Labour MP @KarlTurnerMP is holding baby daughter Stella-Mae

Maybe a tiny bit.

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