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The Video Of Strangers Kissing That Turned Out To Be An Advert? It Increased Sales By 14,000%

If you're trying to sell stuff online, there might be a lesson here.

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Remember this?

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The tentative early encounters?

The joy when a connection was made?

The inevitable parodies?

The disappointment when it turned out to be an advert for Wren clothing and everyone in it was an actor or model?

Well GUESS WHAT. Wren probably don't care because sales in the online store are up over 13,600% compared to the week before First Kiss was released.

Also, traffic to the Wren website is up 14,000%, and 96% of those visitors are new to the site.


These stats are included in a comment piece by Wren creative director Melissa Coker, which she wrote for Business Insider.

We saw that people were most likely to share something if they had a strong, positive, emotional response to it. When the piece of content actually makes the viewer cry or feel inspired or happy, they want to share that experience with others.

There's your lesson digital marketers. Emotional connection = FAT STACKS.